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We are a duo of Sultry Gay Romance writers who focus on thrumming heartbeats and sizzling sparks between characters. Characters who click. Want to know who we are individually and how we met online? Then check below.

Quin, the American member of ‘Quin&Perin’, is a creature of pure spite. Well, some would say so anyway. After four years of reading romance in school, Quin decided to give it a go. Some would say an obsession was born at that moment. An obsession that lay smoldering for several years until a spunky German muse decided to kick Quin back into gear. From romance to pure erotic pleasure, the moment Quin&Perin met, it was all about mastering the written word and leveling up the smut!

Perin, the German counterpart of 'Quin&Perin' rocks Germany's entrepreneurial world by day and indulges in smutty writing practices at night. Writing erotic stories in German had never been an option. And so, at the age of sixteen, Perin started to dive into the sexy (English) world of lust, desire, and love between men and hasn't looked back since.


In January 2018, I knew something had to change. 

My fingers itched to write and although my English was rusty and dusty, I couldn't help but take the chance. Signing up for a Yaoi Roleplay Forum hadn't really been the plan. For starters, I had no idea how to roleplay and kept controlling my partner's characters (rookie mistake!). And also, I had no idea what to write or where to start. When I saw Quin's profile, stating that 'we're all mad here' (on this forum), I couldn't agree more. 

We were mad. And still are.

Quin's first roleplay post took my breath away, and I instantly knew: Oh boy, I have to step up my game. Being the crazy and obsessive perfectionist that I am, I started reading, discovered Damon Suede's book 'Hot Head' and then kept going from there. The more I read, the more I was hooked. Quin and I hopped from story to story, writing like maniacs that had never done anything else before. My schedule changed. Instead of sleeping in, which had always been the biggest benefit of being an entrepreneur, I kept getting up early so I could get a post out before Quin woke up in America.

Five months later, we decided that the ever-glowing spark between us was something that rarely ever came across.

Twice the brains.
Twice the creativity.
Twice the perverted fantasies.

...made us end up here. On our own website. Publishing stories to carry on that spark between us and our (very) dirty characters.



In October of 2017, I was bored. 

Life was predictable and I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I'd not really been writing anything since graduating from college five years prior and it was starting to depress me. At the same time, with work and life in general, I didn't feel like I had time to settle into something serious. That's when I got an idea.

Role playing! 

Years before I used to occupy myself with erotic role playing but had sort of fallen out of it as life got busy. But now it seemed like the perfect distraction without commitment. 

How stupid was I? 

Perin waltzed into my life after taking a fancy to one of my plots. I was a bit...hesitant due to the fact that their profile mentioned English as a second language. I'd been burned by that before. But always being hard pressed to say no, I agreed and typed up to the first post. 

And then Perin typed. 

Lightning struck almost instantly. 

We worked together. Very well together. 

Our characters had an instant connection and so did we.

The fires of creativity were fanned and role plays turned into proper stories. I would make sure to log into the site while at work on my phone so that we had more time to write together.

We started plotting and planning. Well, Perin planned and I suggested things on occasion.

Somehow that led us here. 

Worlds apart but connected by a common love. 



Questions? Ask.