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Truly breathtaking.
— Emma, Goodreads reviewer


There it was.
The sound that made my knees buckle.
He purred, neck stretched, eyes half-lidded.
With those cat ears, in his hair.
And the tail, that he flicked.

A ray of sun in the drizzling rain. I’d been a traveler, floating adrift, while he’d stayed in one place. How was I supposed to know he’d become my anchor? My light. My everything. But would I ever become his?

***As a standalone romance, “Black” features detailed adult m/m content, a hurt/comfort relationship as well as "kitty play."

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Not only did this shine with Q&P’s particular brand of edgy-sexy, but this story was MOVING.
— Jess, Goodreads Reviewer

A slender man rested on the bench next to mine. His long legs were stretched out, a knitted hat covering his ears, dark grey sweater wrapped around his torso. He looked Asian. Pale skin. Really pale. His eyes were closed as if he was soaking in the sun. But there was no sun. Just clouds and a grey sky. He’d inclined his head back, a smile on his face. A dimple on his cheek. I blinked and narrowed my eyes to zero in on any details. He sat still, arms crossed, fingers digging into the thick fabric of his sweater. A scarf was twined around his neck. That one looked knitted too. Shivers rippled over my skin, from the wind or the sight, I wasn’t sure. He was fucking beautiful. And completely out of place.

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This book was so, so much more than some kinky kitty play novel. I’m just in awe of it.
— Dara, Goodreads reviewer
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Quin&Perin’s novel Black is a true testimony of love breaking down barriers to thrive.
— Mariela, Goodreads Reviewer

Dima scratched at my jean-clad knee as I untied the little strings and tipped the bag slightly, waiting for the contents to tumble out. A long, fluffy black tail emerged and immediately, my body temperature spiked. Oh, fuck. It fell onto my palm, so soft and light, a plug attached to the end, weighing it down. The plug was round, thinner at the tip and widening to a decent girth at the end. Bigger than the one I’d seen him use. I swallowed thickly, brushing my fingers along the tail. I’d never seen, let alone touched something like this before.

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This story, woww, wonderful balancing between smut, kitty kink, sexiness, emotions and love.
— Truus, Goodreads reviewer

“My heart throbbed, and with him so close now, I knew he could feel it. How it filled my chest and beat twice as fast as the song around us. I shifted my hand to the middle of his back when his fingers trailed down my shoulder. Our other hands were clasped between our bodies, keeping us apart…”

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God I’m in love with Dima and Tony ❤
— Stephanie, Goodreads reviewer

Tony and Eugene, the two guys Dima was involved with…who would you choose?

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