His Sugar Daddy - Preview

This is a role play by Quin&Perin.
Please check the warning section inside the book.


I'd never been so turned on, and Jackson knew that. I could tell. He was making me go slow when I didn't want to. Making me hold out. Driving me crazy. I didn't want to listen to him, but I did. Because if he was supposed to be my Daddy, I was going to be a good boy for him. Do what he asked of me. For now, at least. This was all new to me, and I knew that I needed his guidance. Plus I wanted to make sure that he liked me before I did anything too out there. Before I didn't listen to him and tried to test my limits.

So I listened. Always a good boy. I stripped down to my underwear and socks—knee-high pink-and-purple-striped ones—and then gathered my pile of clothes from the floor and folded them. As carefully as I could. They weren't particularly neat when I stacked them on the coffee table as he’d told me, but it would have to do. I'd never been that good when it came to laundry. I took care of my stuff and kept it put away, but I wasn't necessarily an expert at it.

"Underwear too?" I asked him, looking over. It was hard to stand still, and I kept shifting from foot to foot. I wanted to be back in his lap as soon as possible, and I was sure that he could see my growing impatience. My cock was straining against the fabric, and a rapidly growing damp spot was spreading across the front.

“Underwear too.” He nodded. He’d gotten his shirt off and was folding it up with deliberate care before setting it on the coffee table.

“Yes, Daddy,” I cooed, hooking my fingers into the waistband and pulling them off. Jackson stopped to watch me, hands on his belt as my cock bobbed free instantly. “Like this?”

He swallowed. “Yeah. Like that,” he breathed quietly.

Biting on my lower lip, I dropped my eyes to his hands, which were working on his leather belt, undoing it, pulling it out of the loops. Slowly, I sunk to my knees on the spot and looked up at him. “Daddy, please,” I begged, voice soft. “Please. I want it.”

“I’ve been a good boy, Daddy.”

He shouldn’t be attracted to me, and I shouldn’t be attracted to him. It’s that simple.

While Liam looks like an angel, he’s anything but. With his lithe body and his sweet tongue, he bends me to his whims. He’s just what I’ve been looking for—a boy to spoil, to ravish, to discipline. 

And he knows exactly what he wants. A Daddy, but not the regular kind. A Sugar Daddy. A man with a firm hand, a man who’ll take care of him. 

Physically, emotionally, financially.

And I might just be that man. 

There is just one question to ask.

One question to answer.

Am I all in?

*** “His Sugar Daddy” is a sweet Daddy Kink with an age gap romance, Mild Age Play, Stepfather/son Role Play, and lots of spanking