Obsessed #4 - Preview

Music pulsed. Pounding through the dance floor and up Meik’s legs. In the dark room, the vibrations felt like a heartbeat in the cavernous hull of a giant’s chest. Meik was wrapped up in a writhing brunette, the man twisting around, constricting him. A snake so eager to be fed. Meik’s head spun. The lights flashed, and his blurry eyes had trouble focusing. He didn’t remember the man’s name, which had been shouted over the din as they stood at the bar. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, vinyl pants so tight that they looked painted. They might have been. Meik had a hard time knowing what was real or not.

He already knew how the rest of the evening would go though. More alcohol. Groping. He’d take the stranger into one of the back rooms. They’d kiss, grind. Hands sliding and grabbing. Meik’s cock would strain, ache. The stranger would beg for it, for him. And then Meik’s thoughts would shift. To pale skin and black hair. Glinting green eyes shining up at him, soft lips curling into a mischievous smile.

Those thoughts pulled at him, distracted him. Reminded him of what he didn't have. What he wanted. What he missed. What he’d lost. Torn away from the moment, he would leave the club alone, unsatisfied, and return to his empty apartment. It was a game he’d been playing and losing for the past two months. Ever since he’d woken up that cold December morning, hungover and alone. He’d been pissed at first. But anger soon dimmed, and Meik realized what had happened. Sebastian told him he loved him. And he’d returned the favor. But then, Gabe. It had been Gabe for a long time, but Sebastian had slowly filled that void, and deep down, Meik wanted him to know that.

When he couldn’t find him in the streets, looking for him day in day out, to apologize, to tell him it had been a mistake—in the heat of the moment— the drinking and insomnia began. And then more drinking and sleeping pills. Days passed in a blur. He went to work...sometimes, even less than when Sebastian had been around. Lillie expressed concern, but Meik ignored her. He didn’t care anymore. Sebastian was gone. And he wasn’t coming back.

“Hey! Wanna go to the back?” the stranger called to him over the music, a hand sneaking down to grope Meik’s cock through his jeans.

Meik nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

They stumbled off together, heading through a hidden archway. There were several rooms, doorways covered in curtains; some opened and empty, others closed to hide sin. Hands grabbed vinyl-clad ass cheeks, Meik pulling the stranger into one of them. The curtain shut and their lips connected. Alcohol mixed on their tongues. Meik pulled the stranger close. His eyelids lowered, memories drifting like snow as he tried to feel nothing.


After ruining his chances with Sebastian, Meik is plagued by the past and haunted by the present. His escape: booze and sex. But the memories of Gabe continuously well up and never ebb. They become an ever-present companion he cannot escape.

Will he hoist himself out of depression to seal the past and face the present or will he lose himself in the bottom of the bottle?

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This is the fourth and FINAL book of the Gay Erotic Romance "Obsessed". It features explicit adult m/m content as well as romantic elements. Warning: mentions of illness and death.