Rich Kids - Preview

This is a role play by Quin&Perin.
Please check the warning section inside the book.


Taking another long and deep drag on my cigarette, I looked at him from above. He was a little shorter than me, brown hair tousled, freckles all over his pale cheeks. He was pretty. Not really manly, but kinda cute if I looked at him objectively, which I was doing now.

“Well,” I started and blew the smoke toward the ceiling. Now that he couldn’t escape and I was desperately craving another high, something to get my heart pumping faster, like fuck the headmaster’s daughter—which had not gone as planned—he certainly was another option. Not to fuck, God no, but perhaps… “You’re quite a cockslut, aren’t you, baby brother?” I said and stepped toward him. Nate didn’t budge at first, but when I got right into his space, he took a wary step back.

“Fuck you,” he snarled, which was kinda cute. Time and space seemed to merge and swim away. All I could see was him, pissed and properly fucked.

I smirked and let my cigarette dangle from between my lips. “One eager cockslut,” I whispered and looked him right in the eye, pinning him down with a stare. “I’ll keep quiet if you show me how much you wanna suck dick.” His glossy eyes widened for just a second.

"What…" His voice faded away when I reached down to my jeans like I'd done earlier today. I unzipped, and this time, I was already half-hard, and fucking horny. I pulled out my semi, adjusted my cigarette at my lips and inhaled a lungful of smoke. I'd seen the other guy's dicks and granted, they weren't bad. One had been circumcised whereas the other one had been rather long, thinner than mine, but uncut. I looked down, following his gaze. His mouth was agape like he couldn't believe his eyes. Couldn't believe what I wanted him to do? Or did he like what he saw?

It was a bit twisted, perhaps even kinda sick, that I wanted him on his knees for me. But, you see, he and I had never been close, never brotherly. Him sucking me off would just be another extreme I wanted to experience, a new notch on my bedpost. Plus, a mouth was a mouth, and it didn't matter who it belonged to. If my brother wanted to suck dick, he sure as hell could suck mine.

"C'mon, Nate-y, get on your knees, so I won't tell daddy what you did in his bed."


I felt like I had died and was now trapped in purgatory. It took me a minute to realize that I was holding my breath and I let it out slowly, unfocused eyes on his cock. It was so...thick. The kind that I liked. One that I would normally place quite high on my list. But I couldn't put my brother's dick on that list. It would be wrong in so many different ways. We were related. Siblings. It was...sick.

“You're my brother,” I stated fully, fingers twitching in the fabric of the robe I was wearing. 

“And?” he asked. His fingers went around his cock, starting to stroke at a steady pace.

"That's twisted," I said dully. I tried to keep my eyes focused on his face, but they kept drifting downward, unable to stay away. The head of his cock bobbed slowly with each stroke, and it was a shame we were related because...I wanted it. My head was all fuzzy, cock still half hard and there was lube slick on my ass. I'd not gotten off, and it was painful how frustrated and horny I was.

“We have different mothers,” he said, like that made it better. “Besides, it's either this or everyone learns what a whore you are. Can you imagine how hard it will be to get into a good college with a video of you taking two dicks floating around for anyone to see?”

Damnit. That bastard. Pursing my lips, I eyed him steadily. “And you'll delete the video if I do this?”

“Probably not. But I won't show it to anyone.” He snorted like I had just suggested something utterly stupid.

Either way, that was the best I was going to get from him. Not even solid reassurance. Gritting my teeth, I sunk to my knees in front of him. His hand instantly went to my hair, twisting harshly and guiding me toward his cock. I was tempted to bite down, but then he would definitely release the video if I did. I had to do what I could to make him happy.

Eyes falling shut, I tried to pretend it was anyone else. My lips parted when Sem brought the tip against them, and I took his head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. Jesus, he was big. Almost too big. I didn't know how he was going to fit himself into my mouth without breaking my jaw, but I guess I was going to have to try.


What if someday you wake up and the one person you can’t have is the one you want the most? 

My name is Nathaniel Preston. Second son of the Preston estate. 

I've been raised to be perfect, to be ahead of every game, to do no wrong. Sem, my crass and vain older half-brother, is the complete opposite of me. All he seeks is his next high. To get there, he cheats, blackmails, and seduces. 

Which wouldn't be a problem, if one day he didn't decide to tape me in a very compromising position...

***RICH KIDS is a forbidden love romance, featuring enemies to lovers as well as detailed adult m/m content