Rich Kids 2 - Preview

This is a role play by Quin&Perin.
Please check the warning section inside the book.

I needed Nate, and he needed me. 

To breathe, to stay somewhat sane. Which was funny because before we began seeing each other, we’d both been running around like headless chickens. Or cocks? Roosters. Anyway. Now, almost two years later, we’d settled into a routine. Something I thought I would hate. Routine. But with him, it was never predictable. Never boring. Nate kept me on my toes. Ever the brat I left behind. And while he’d begged me not to go and called me crazy for telling him to fuck other guys, I knew better. Nate was a cockslut. My cockslut, but one nonetheless. He would venture out eventually, most likely when we were fighting, which happened rather frequently. Then he'd fuck around and crawl back on his hands and knees when he was done—begging for forgiveness.

It was how he worked. How he functioned.

He loved sex, but he craved the control he could gain from it.

To hurt me. To make me mad. To be the hunter, not the prey.

So, I figured, I’d best give him rules, make it less taboo, a game we both played, before he could act out and destroy both of us in the process. He was allowed to fuck anyone if (1) he told me about it, (2) live streamed or recorded it, and (3) played safe. No one was going bare with him. No one.

I am Semuel Preston, eldest son of the Preston estate.

I have cut all cords to my family except for him: Nate. He is the only good thing to come from the Preston name. He’s the sun to my sky, the apple of my eye. And a thousand miles away. Still, I bring him to his knees. I am his King. His God. Forever?

***RICH KIDS is a forbidden love romance, featuring enemies to lovers as well as detailed adult m/m content