What would it take to get you naked?
— Pounding Skin #2 by L.A. WItt

Come and enter a world where tattoo artists and hot Navy men find passion

Fighter pilot Jon Russell never sleeps with the same man twice. Known for his lack of shame when it comes to hooking up, Jon has no interest in commitment—even friends with benefits sounds like too much work.

Matt Huffman has slept with lots of women. He’s had loads of girlfriends. So why does the hot as hell pilot getting a tattoo as the result of a lost bet stop his breath? And how come he can’t stop thinking about him, even after he’s gone?

PERIN'S THOUGHTS ON - Pounding skin #2

Another Gay First Time Story!

Quin showed me this book while I was browsing through the genre - desperate as I am, always looking for my next fix - and although it was labeled as a 'romance', I gave it a go.

Thank goodness I did!

I absolutely love the emotional and sexual tension between Jon, the pilot, and Matt, the tattoo artist. However, I am not a big fan of the entire 'Am-I-bi?' situation in Matt's head because - let's face it, fellas - we already know what is going to happen! Putting that aside, I must admit that L.A. Witt delivers terrific (and explicit) sex scenes that had me squirming in my seat! And although I am not into romantic elements, I needed to know how it ends.


One of the Gay First Time Stories that...

...will make you squirm. Now, here is a short preview of what it is about:

It all begins with Jon, a gay fighter pilot, who loses a bet. Since he believed that there was no way in hell that he'd lose it, he agreed to getting a tattoo in case he did. And this is exactly how he gets to meet Matt - a heavily inked tattoo artist. Since Mister Ink has recently had a threesome with his best friend, Lisa, and her boyfriend, he suddenly feels the strong urge to fool around with guys to validate his apparent sexual attraction towards men. From the moment they lock eyes, the sizzling fire between them cannot be denied which is why the pair start off as fuck buddies and then spiral into other directions. All in all, a solid and surprisingly smutty gay first time story.


It is not a short read, but it is totally worth your time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who craves a pair that shares this kind of I-must-have-you-now passion. I am very happy I purchased this book. Thank you, Quin, for pointing me in the right direction. You know me better than I do sometimes!

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