What will it be like when we get to the real dirty stuff?
— Van Man #1 by Dixon Penn

During a searing heatwave...

A spark of sexual attraction between two workmen grows hotter by the day.

Dan is older, single and experienced. Luke is younger, bisexual and eager to experience first-time gay sex at its steamiest.

Dan wants to teach Luke just how raw and dirty it can be when two horny workers get it on. Luke is willing to learn all he can – before and after work.

As the temperature and sexual tension both soar, these two hard-working hunks need a private space to turn their unbridled lust into hard, hands-on action.

Could a ride out in a van help to unleash their simmering desires?



Admittedly, I was skeptical. A new author. A sort-of-weird title. And I did not care much for the cover either. However, I am always searching for first time gay stories (busted, I'm a sucker for it) which leave me breathless.

And I must say: I was totally caught off guard.

I had been searching for a writer who focuses on toe-curling smut. No fuss. No romance. Just pure smut. And, bo-h-oy! Lemme tell you. That is what I found.

Dixon paints a strong and incredibly sexual picture. One that had me go β€˜Jeez!’ a couple of times for sure. It might be a little β€˜too dirty’ for some readers, but if you decide to download this book, this is what you get: amazingly written porn. That is what it is. Expect no more. No less. The heat between the characters, Dan and Luke, practically had my kindle catch on fire.

One of the Gay First Time Stories that...

...will leave you breathless. Now, here is a short preview of what it is about:

Dan is an older workman, living the life: wild and free. Sex with preferably young men (in their twenties) is what he indulges in. He is big. He is strong. And man, he knows what he wants, and grabs it (Luke) right by the balls. Luke, however, is that twenty-something workman who is curious about what Dan has to offer. Heaps of experience that is. They hit it off, and without much further ado, Dixon leads you right to the good stuff. I love - and respect! - when authors can manage to pull off a realistic smut scene (especially in gay first time stories) that leaves me craving more. This was definitely the case here.

I am excited to read the next book to find out what Dan, the Van Man, has in store for his next boys!

In any case, I would advise you to give this gay first time story a shot. Dixon is very talented, especially when it comes to painting a …dirty picture. The perfect book for a lonely summer night. ;)

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