Jesus, the things I'd like to do to him in an elevator. Or against a wall. Or bent over a couch. Hey, I'm not picky.

- Going Down by Beth Michele

Two Strangers...

One night...

An undeniable attraction...

Holidays always bring out the best in us, don't they? 

When Dash meets Cain at a bar one cold December night, Cain's smart mouth and cocky attitude brings Dash to his knees...

In more ways than one.

Perin's thoughts on - Going Down

Elevators are never going to be the same again.

Brilliantly written and incredibly amusing, despite the very smutty content. I laughed with this one. A lot. I loved how vivid Beth Michele’s descriptions are. Like I am right there, in that bar in NYC, witnessing Dash’s palpable frustration and that incredibly enticing man, Cain, who slowly opens him up.

It is the kind of book you definitely should not read when you’d like to go to sleep. Because a) your eyes will have to drop shut so you stop reading —it is so addictive— and b) holy hell, you’d probably prefer to do other things rather than sleep when you’re right in the middle of this one. Or at the end. Or a little bit before that —catchesbreathandgetsbacktothepoint— so, yes, don’t let the length of this book fool ya. It might be short, but it is packed with heat.

And the ones of you who’re gonna be like “but eh, it is first person present” I encourage you to suck it up —pun intended— and broaden your horizon. Thank me later!

— Perin