"It's not sexy knowing your dad could catch us and kill us," said Trent, but he didn't sound convinced.

"Then why is your cock so hard?"

- Plowed by the Farmhand by Jordan Young

Nicholas Langley grew up fantasizing about his dad's sexy farmhand... Now he has the chance to be with Trent for real.

Nicholas is back home for the first time in five years. He always feels out of place on the farm, around his homophobic parents, but he'll put up with it for his sister's wedding. When he reunites with his father's farmhand, Trent, Nicholas learns he's not the only one hiding a dirty little secret. If Nicholas's dad finds out about their relationship, Trent could lose his job, and Nicholas could lose his family. But they just can't stay away from each other... 

This is a first gay erotica short story in the Plowed by the Farmhand serial, although it can be read as a standalone. It features explicit MM sex scenes and a large age gap between characters. It should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.


Perin's thoughts on - Plowed by the Farmhand #1

Okay, so...occasionally, I check how our books rank for certain keywords on Amazon - like "mm erotica" or something like that. Somehow along the way when I did my research today, I stumbled across this gay erotic short story.

Despite my interest in the MM Erotica genre, I have a very short attention span which is why I don't read a lot. Hence, I have been looking for hot gay short stories to keep me company. And this is what I found. Unapologetic smut! Popping off the pages. Age difference. A ranch. Handsome farmhand with a know what. Right up my alley. No romance. Just two men horny for each other.

But I am also very, very picky (ask Quin). Which is why I am incredibly happy I found this author. Jordan Young is "an ex-escort who uses his experience to write filthy stories about hot men in even hotter situations." - sounds about right! Unfortunately, Mr. Young hasn't been publishing much recently. However, there are a few books online - and I am gonna read all of them! You should too.

So, it basically comes down to this: if you are craving hot gay short stories, you just found a bunch of them.

I've been lingering around the genre long enough to know that these authors don't grow on trees, so please fellas, believe me when I say:

It is worth every penny.

That said, check out the synopsis above and enjoy. Thank me later.

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