“This is one smexy, smoking hot, grab-a-fan-and-a-cold-drink, and awesome story guaranteed to steam up the screen of your ereader!!”

- Amazon reviewer

Reece, an ex-soldier, has found solitude working on a Texas ranch. Peaceful. Secluded. It's everything he wanted. Things are good. Until Elijah, his boss’ nephew, is banished to the ranch for getting into "trouble". The boy is sarcastic, bratty, and annoying as hell. And he won’t leave him alone.

When Reece realizes that he’s seen the boy before, his world implodes. Things will never be the same.

***This booklet is a bonus scene from the book “Take it All” and features a wanna be porn star & a horny ranch hand…

Julie's thoughts on - Take it All Bonus

Okay, so...occasionally, I check how our books rank for certain keywords on Amazon - like "mm erotica" or something like that. Somehow along the way when I did my research today, I stumbled across this gay erotic short story.

Despite my interest in the MM Erotica genre, I have a very short attention span which is why I don't read a lot. Hence, I have been looking for hot gay short stories to keep me company. And this is what I found. Unapologetic smut! Popping off the pages. Age difference. A ranch. Handsome farmhand with a know what. Right up my alley. No romance. Just one quick jerk off scene.

But I am also very, very picky. Which is why I am incredibly happy I found this short story. There are a few books online - and I am gonna read all of them! You should too.

So, it basically comes down to this: if you are craving hot gay short stories, you just found a bunch of them.

I've been lingering around the genre long enough to know that these authors don't grow on trees, so please fellas, believe me when I say:

It is worth every penny.

That said, check out the synopsis above and enjoy. Thank me later.

Take it All: Hot Gay Short Stories

Three steamy encounters of twisted, forbidden lust...
What do lust-driven men do when they think no one is watching? Find out now.

Be a fly on the wall in a seedy motel room, a gym shower and the heart of suburbia, where three torrid pairings nurture the beasts inside of them.
Carter&Dave - The one with Daddy
Gordon&Jett - The one with the Politician
Josh&Graham - The one with the Jock
They can hardly handle it, can you?

Content warning: age gap, daddy play, bareback sex, adultery, zero romance