True Crime

There’s this boy at the gym. An instructor. At least ten years my junior. He was the one who showed me around when I first came in a month ago. From then on, every time I enter, his gaze lingers. A lot.

And I think: I want to ruin you, boy.

I’m tempted, so tempted, but can I fight the urge?

***As a standalone suspense scene, TRUE CRIME features detailed adult m/m content and an age gap.

The Professor & Jett

“I only do this so you’ll learn. It’s my job.”
“Yes, Professor.”
Jett knows this game. Knows what the Professor wants from him. And yet, they do this every time. Acting like they don't know where it's going to end. The Professor lectures and Jett tries his hardest to distract him, to attract his attention. 
But what happens when he catches it, is his favorite part…

***As a standalone scene, THE PROFESSOR & JETT features detailed adult m/m content, student-professor role play, a major age gap as well as spanking.


Obsessed #1

 All Meik cares about is lust, not love.

An eager boy toy, that’s what he’s looking for. Someone who worships the ground he walks on. The very second he lays eyes on the enigmatic, street musician Sebastian, he believes he found his new playmate. Obsessed with the young man, Meik introduces him to a world full of sins and desire until the man’s presence threatens to reveal dark memories he had locked away tightly.

***This is the first book of the Gay Erotic Romance “Obsessed”. It features explicit adult m/m content. The book ends on a cliffhanger but can be read as a standalone. This part does not entail any romantic elements.



It had been a long time. Too long. Three months to be exact.

And I was fucking horny.

Thank God I wasted an exorbitant amount of money for a membership at one of NYC premier gay kink clubs. It's like Christmas there, looking through all the windows at all the perverts. Exhibitionists, littles, puppies…wait, what, kittens?

From the moment I lay eyes on the couple frolicking behind the glass, I want to be a part of it. But am I brave enough join?

***COLE is a standalone kink scene featuring detailed adult m/m content, voyeurism, and kitty play.


Take it All - Bonus

Reece, an ex-soldier, has found solitude working on a Texas ranch. Peaceful. Secluded. It's everything he wanted. Things are good. Until Elijah, his boss’ nephew, is banished to the ranch for getting into "trouble". The boy is sarcastic, bratty, and annoying as hell. And he won’t leave him alone. 

When Reece realizes that he’s seen the boy before, his world implodes. Things will never be the same....