Meik had already left for work when Sebastian woke up late that morning. He had a vague recollection of him shifting out of bed, pulling his arm away and letting Sebastian’s head fall onto the bed. But he hadn’t properly woken up. Sebastian was sleeping later and later ever since Meik let him stay in his apartment. He liked to think he was catching up on all the sleep he’d missed while living on the streets.

A wide yawn parted his lips, and he rolled onto his back. His fingers curled under the pillow, back arching off of the mattress. The sheets twisted around his hips, a slight rise at the front betraying his morning wood. He didn’t think he had ever been as horny as he was with Meik around. Or, for that matter, as satisfied.

Sebastian hadn’t really gotten the chance to experiment with his sexuality as a teenager. Hell, he hadn’t even gotten a chance to watch porn like most fifteen-year-olds and discover the sorts of things that turned him on. In a way, Meik was a blessing. Even if he was a complete jerk sometimes—most of the time—he was teaching him all sorts of things. Things Sebastian had never thought he would like. Like struggling for air with strong hands wrapped around his throat.

Wiggling out from the cocoon of blankets, he sat up on the bed. Pain shot through his lower back, the bruises on his ass cheeks shouting in protest. Quirking a faint smile, his fingers ran down his stomach, towards his marked-up hips. There were scratches all over his chest, an imprint of Meik’s teeth around one of his nipples, and his throat was probably covered in purple and red. If his parents were to see him now...well, they’d either have a heart attack or beat him for the amount of sinning he’d been doing. Frankly, though, he couldn’t muster up one fuck to give. He loved being here, with Meik. Sinning all day long.

Sebastian’s growling stomach prompted him to leave the bedroom and stroll down the hallway into the kitchen. Just as he settled on the couch with a bowl of cereal—he’d managed to convince Meik to buy him something sugary and brightly colored—his phone beeped. Balancing the bowl on his thighs, he snatched up his phone. Meik was texting him. It was always Meik texting him. He literally had no one else in his phone.

Clean up the house and make the bed before I get home.

Rolling his eyes at the text, Sebastian took a spoonful of cereal into his mouth and texted back: Yes, sir.

He wasn’t a fucking maid and yet at the same time, he owed Meik for letting him stay. Between being a maid for a sexy blond man and sitting out on the freezing streets, he would always choose the former.

Once he finished up his breakfast, he put the bowl in the dishwasher and started to clean the apartment. It wasn’t too messy. Meik didn’t have much clutter in his life, and Sebastian didn’t have any possessions but his guitar and a few sets of clothes Meik had bought for him. He used his phone to turn on music, singing along and traipsing around the apartment naked.

Sebastian was putting the bathroom back in order when he found something interesting. A small eyeliner pencil, never used, rolled from the back of one of the almost empty drawers. Amusement flickered in his eyes, and he picked it up, looking it over. He’d always wanted to try wearing make-up. Growing up, sneaking and watching music videos on the school computers, he’d always thought the rockstars looked so cool with their flashy clothing and make-up. It was stupid and foolish, but they’d seemed so free and wild. That was something he admired. Something he craved.

Green eyes met a matching set in the mirror as he rested his hips against the cold marble of the counter. Well, his parents weren’t around to dictate his life anymore. So he could do whatever the fuck he wanted, and they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

As it often did, that thought produced a wide grin. His life was no longer dictated by those tyrants, and although Meik could be a controlling ass, he was nowhere near as bad as his parents. And he made him feel so good.

He pulled the wrapper from around the top of the eyeliner and uncapped it. Keeping his eyes focused on the mirror, he carefully circled his eyes with the black liner. The darkness of it made them pop even more, but it didn’t look quite right. He scrubbed his eyes clean before starting over again. This time his hand was steadier, and it turned out a lot better.

Sebastian was artfully smudging the liner around his eye when he heard the front door open.

“Boy! Where are you?” Meik’s deep voice echoed around the apartment.

“Bathroom!” Sebastian called back, keeping his attention on the mirror while he admired his new look. For one moment, it felt like an ordinary man coming home to his ordinary lover. But the second he heard Meik’s bag hit the bathroom floor, Sebastian knew better.

He could see him from the corner of his eye, standing in the doorway. “What the hell are you doing?” Meik rumbled.

Sebastian’s heart halted, throat clenching. For a moment he was worried. Was he in trouble? Would Meik be mad? He hadn’t thought…

Before his mind went down that dangerous and anxious route, he took a deep breath and set the pencil down. Meik was not his father; he was nothing like him, and even though he liked to play tough, Sebastian knew he wouldn’t actually hurt him. “I didn’t think you’d mind.” His voice was soft, stark in the cool air of the bathroom. His hips still rested against the counter, chest angled so he could properly look at Meik.

A familiar darkness flickered in Meik’s eyes, a smirk twisting at the corner of his lips. That devilish look sent shivers down Sebastian’s spine. Meik stalked forward, hand reaching out to spin him around before he grabbed Sebastian’s throat. “Did I say you could do that?”

No, but you weren’t here.

Biting back his sarcastic response, he shook his head. “No, sir,” he purred. It was a game. One that Sebastian absolutely loved playing.

“But you thought it would be okay, hm?” Meik’s thumb pressed into the side of his jaw.

“Mm. Yes, sir.” Long lashes fluttered; green eyes peered innocently up at Meik.

“Do you think I should let you get away with this?”

His blue eyes burned with hunger, and he pulled Sebastian closer by his throat. Their lips brushed together, Meik’s breath puffing warm over them.

“Oh, no, sir,” he murmured with half-lidded eyes as he tilted his head back to expose even more of his neck.

“That’s right.” Meik smirked, letting go of him. “Bend over the sink.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sebastian was eager as he turned back around. Eager to please him, eager to find out what would come next. His chest rested over the sink, faucet digging into his skin. Arching his back, he wiggled his hips and properly presented himself for Meik.

“Such a good boy.” The clink of Meik’s belt buckle made his heart skip. And then the leather slid through his belt loops. “But so naughty sometimes. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

Sebastian bit his lower lip, the growing anticipation killing him. “Mhm.” Would he spank him? Would he fuck him? Would he take his air away?

The first sting of the belt against the curve of his bare ass made Sebastian jolt and gasp, lower stomach crashing into the edge of the counter. “When I ask you a question, you answer me properly. Have I made myself clear?” Meik’s voice rolled over him like thunder.

“Y-Yes, sir.” Sebastian’s words trembled from him, fingers slipping across the cool surface of the sink, desperate to hold on to something to ease the sharp pain.

With a low laugh, Meik brought the belt down again. Whoosh! The hard leather dug into pale skin, vivid red welt rising swiftly. Meik’s arm flexed, shirt straining over his bicep as the belt struck over and over again. Carelessly, letting the blows land wherever they wanted.

Sebastian whimpered and desperately tried to stop himself from thrashing against the sink while his hardening cock pressed against the cabinet. Each hit stung, sharp at first before it spread into a pleasant tingling. The sheer amount of them made his skin hot, ass and upper thighs on fire.

There was something powerful about being whipped like this. So many times he’d gotten in trouble for not being a good or godly enough son. His parents had paddled him, hit him with a belt, with a spoon, try to punish him for his sinful thoughts. If they knew that a man was now whipping him for sexual pleasure…

God. The thought of their anger was almost enough to make him come right then and there.

The belt dropped to the floor, the metal clattering against the tiles as Meik’s strong hand moved over red, heated flesh. Slowly, he explored what he’d created, fingers sinking into his ass cheeks, parting them to reveal his pink pucker. Sebastian lifted his head, meeting Meik’s gaze in the mirror. “Please.” His voice almost broke at the look in the blond’s eyes. The devil himself, ready to ravish him. “ to fuck me.”

A roguish smirk reflected back at Sebastian as Meik cocked his head to the side and began to grind his hips forward, the rough material rubbing against Sebastian’s ass. Oh. “You do not order me around,” Meik said calmly, his hands sliding across Sebastian’s slender backside before they rested on his flushed ass.

A sharp slap paired with a hard thrust of Meik’s hips made Sebastian moan out loud. His hip bones bumped against the edge of the sink while his hands smacked against the mirror to keep from slamming into it. He gasped, eyes wide, fingers curling against the smooth surface.

“Do you understand, boy?”


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