Meik & Gabe First time

“Show me.” It came out as a sharp command. Gabe had given him an out.

“Show you?” he whispered.

Meik nodded. “Yeah. I wanna see how you do it. Really wanna see that.” He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Gabe’s lower stomach. “Please.”

Gabe didn’t meet his eyes but reached around, finding the lube and picking it up. Meik didn’t think he’d be able to perform in a situation like this; Gabe didn’t seem to have a problem though.

Lube shone on the tips of his fingers, the bottle discarded. Knees bent, Gabe let them fall to the side and slid his fingers along the underside of his erection. The liquid glinted, casting a sheen on the deep reddish skin. Meik’s cock was larger, thicker and longer, but Gabe’s was far prettier. Cut, with a lightly flared head, Meik liked the way it darkened when he was turned on. The way it rested, angled towards a sharp hip. He even loved the way his balls hung—delicate, velvety skin so smooth to the touch. If Meik had any remaining doubts about his sexuality, they’d faded as he’d laid in bed at night fantasizing about Gabe’s cock. “You’re staring.” Gabe’s quiet murmur drew his attention.

“I said I wanted to watch,” Meik defended.

“But you’re watching really hard.”

Meik grinned and rested his head on Gabe’s knee. His gaze dragged back down. Gabe’s hand continued to move, touch trailing over his balls. Meik swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing. “You’re really hot,” he uttered, voice husky.

Gabe bit on his lower lip. “And you’re still dressed.” His fingers brushed between his ass cheeks, Meik’s eyes captivated by every movement. “Do you think that you can watch and get undressed at the same time?”

Meik nodded, like an eager child ready to please. “Yes!” He scurried off of the bed, a whirlwind of action as he squirmed out of his clothes. Hands on his pants, eyes fixed on Gabe, he licked his lips and pressed them together. “Please, don’t stop.”

Biting on his lower lip, Gabe reached his other hand beneath his leg and grabbed at his ass cheek. He spread himself, giving Meik a better view and nearly making him pass out as the little blood he had left in his brain went straight to his dick. The pad of Gabe’s finger rubbed over his pucker, leaving behind a sleek trail of lube. He stroked a few times before curling his finger and applying pressure.

Meik held his breath. His hands were still on his pants, but he hadn’t undone them yet. Instead, his entire focus narrowed on every single movement Gabe made. The breath he held whooshed out when Gabe’s fingertip all of a sudden slid inside, making him whine. “Jesus,” Meik murmured. Impatience grabbed ahold of him as he worked his pants off quickly, yanking the clinging material until it submitted and let him free. He needed to be with Gabe now.

He scrambled back onto the bed, crawling up close before he rested his hands on Gabe’s knees, leaning forward. The way that ring of muscle clutched Gabe’s finger, his thrusts shallow and slow, made Meik’s head spin. “Does it hurt?” he whispered.

Gabe looked down at him, nodding. “Yes, a little,” he said, forcing his finger all the way to the knuckle. “Wanna help?”

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my fucking life,” he answered. Too eager.

“Get the lube,” Gabe chuckled. “C’mon.”

Reaching out, without taking his eyes off Gabe, he felt around for the bottle. He didn’t want to pull away, his fingers digging into Gabe’s leg until he finally found it and snatched it up. It had been open ever since Gabe had used it, leaving behind a spot of lube soaking into the blankets as well as covering the bottle itself. It slipped between his fingers; he nearly dropped it.


Gabe’s impatience spurred him on while he coated his fingers, his attention turning back to that delicious entrance. “You’re so perfect.” Meik trailed his hand up Gabe’s thigh. His hand shook, and he hoped Gabe didn’t notice. Everything turned fuzzy like he was underwater, trying to swim to the surface and breathe while the water crushed him.

Gabe drew his finger out, sliding it up and resting it above his pucker. Like he was pointing at where he wanted Meik to be. And Meik, lovestruck with his cock ramrod stiff and leaking against the blanket, obeyed.

With Gabe having already paved the way, it didn’t take much effort for his first finger to slip in. He was shocked by how hot it was, how tight. Clenching around him, walls pulsing. Gabe arched off the pillow, rolling his hips. It made him even tighter, and Meik didn’t know how he was going to fit his cock in there. Or how long he’d be able to last.

He rubbed his free hand over Gabe’s stomach, feeling it tremble under his touch. “Another,” Gabe breathed out, moving his fingers around Meik’s wrist. He held tight, looking up at him with wide eyes. “Please. I can take it.”

Nodding, Meik pulled his hand back and wiggled the second finger in. Gabe inhaled sharply through his teeth, thumping his head back against the pillow. “You okay, baby?” Meik whispered.

Gabe squeezed his wrist once more. “It’s good.” His voice shook. “Keep going.”

It was even tighter now.

Meik was in a daze. He’d studied for this, but his racing mind had a hard time remembering everything he’d read. Or rather, he had a hard time pinpointing the correct piece of advice. Lay down a towel? No, he put a blanket over his comforter. Condom? He’d foregone that part. Scissors?

That was it!

Moving his fingers in a scissoring motion, he felt Gabe give way for him. Start to loosen up. He moved faster, getting more comfortable as he worked in deeper. Gabe writhed beneath him, hands twisting in the blanket, and hips arched off of the pillow. “One more, please.”


Gabe’s tight insides strangled Meik’s fingers. Even with all the prep, he was skeptical about how this was going to go. It was probably the one and only time Meik wished his dick wasn’t so thick. A part of him was terrified he was going to hurt Gabe.

Meik poured more lube onto his fingers and carefully inserted three this time. The discomfort that furrowed Gabe’s face slowly transformed, morphing into bliss. His neck stretched, curls around his face, and lips parted as he moved. Each time Meik pumped them in deeper, Gabe’s body jerked, cock twitching against his heated skin.

“Need you. Oh God, fucking need you.” Gabe’s voice dripped with his pleas, eyes barely open. “Please. Please.” Gliding his fingers out, Meik nodded dumbly.

Movements were mechanical now. Meik couldn’t recall grabbing the lube and spreading it on his cock. He couldn’t remember settling against Gabe’s body. Or placing his thumb right below the tip of his cock to guide himself inside. It was like sleepwalking.

He only snapped back to awareness when that heat radiated around his shaft. Stretched and worked open, Gabe’s entrance was still so tight. He didn’t know how he was going to get in there, but he didn’t care once Gabe wrapped his legs around his waist and dragged him closer. Both of Meik’s hands gripped the fabric next to Gabe’s hair.

Sharp inhale. Holding the air in his lungs, Meik dived in. The resistance gave way easier this time, and he sank in halfway. Encased. Body burning. Eyes tightly shut and teeth clenching. Another thrust of his hips brought him in deeper, making him groan. “Gabe, oh fuck. Gabe, I’m gonna—”


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