Graham & Josh: The one with the jock

“That floor is filthy,” Graham protested, a shudder running down his spine when Josh hooked his fingers behind his belt and hauled him closer. 

“Stop complaining.” 

“Make me,” Graham breathed, hips jerking a hairbreadth away from Josh’s raging boner.

Josh leered, eyes burning with that familiar do-not-fuck-with-me stare as he reached up and carded his fingers through Graham’s dark hair. With a sharp twist and a hard pull, he pushed Graham forward and crushed their lips in another searing kiss. “I will,” Josh purred into Graham’s mouth, lips molding together, teeth grazing Graham’s tongue. Eyelashes fluttered at the filthy promise, a moan started to emerge from his throat when Graham felt Josh pushing him down with vigor. Graham resisted. But not very much. Swallowing back the moan that threatened to break free, his eyes slid open soon enough to see those delicious biceps curl beside his face.

He’d spent so many nights fisting his hard-on beneath his blankets, face turned and buried in a pillow to muffle his groans as he thought about Josh. About the times they went swimming together. About the times they’d hung out in his room playing video games. And about the time that they’d kissed until their lips were swollen, hips grinding together until they came in their pants like the hormonal teenagers they were.

Back then, curiosity had gotten the better of them. But even two years later, the memories still haunted him.

Graham’s knees cracked down onto the hard floor, and water seeped into his pants. It was gross and dirty. And a part of him kind of liked it. “Do you know how disgusting this floor is?” he scoffed up at Josh. 

“Yep.” He wiggled his toes in his flip-flops. “Don’t care.” 

A snort left Graham as he attempted to get back up. But Josh held firm. Graham was drawn to the way the muscles flexed and bulged beneath that lightly tanned skin. His cock twitched inside the confines of his pants, tongue roaming his lips. “Hungry?” Josh cooed, staring down at him.

“Starving.” The word left Graham before he could process it. The pink rising on his cheeks had Josh chuckling at the slip of his tongue.


One of his strong hands slid from those dark strands, cupping the back of Graham’s neck, drawing him closer. Josh’s hips moved from side to side, cock hanging and wiggling in front of Graham’s lips. Ridiculous. That’s what Josh was, ridiculous. If he thought that something as silly as that juicy hard-on moving like a mesmerizing metronome would work on Graham...he was right on the money.

Long, slender fingers grabbed Josh’s hips to still him, peering over the rim of his glasses as Graham scooted a little closer. Lowering his gaze, he darted his tongue out and flicked it along the underside of the swaying, thick member. The tip of it traced along the bulging veins, mapping them out with little licks and laps while Josh’s cock jerked at the contact. Graham grinned triumphantly.

After sliding his hand along Josh’s hip, nails tracing across the faintly defined V, Graham wrapped his fingers around the base of the bobbing cock. Sitting back on his heels, he tilted his head back against Josh’s pressing fingers. He was going to take his time with this. To drive Josh mad, to have him writhe out of his skin with fervor and desire. 

He stroked down, eyes fixed on that glistening head as he exposed more of it. A bead of precum clung to the ruddy flesh like glass. It looked abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Without a thought, Graham flicked his tongue over it, savoring the sweet and sour taste of the juice as he peeked back up at Josh. 

“Stop teasing.” Josh’s tone was gruff, his fingers tightening in the shaggy strands. 

A smirk crossed Graham’s lips. “Make me.” This time, the words held a different type of meaning. 



Three steamy encounters of twisted, forbidden lust...

What do lust-driven men do when they think no one is watching? Find out now. Be a fly on the wall in a seedy motel room, a gym shower and the heart of suburbia, where three torrid pairings nurture the beasts inside of them. They can hardly handle it, can you?


Carter&Dave - The one with Daddy
Gordon&Jett - The one with the Politician
Josh&Graham - The one with the Jock

This book is intended for an 18+ adult audience only, featuring explicit and graphic language describing sexual m/m content. It contains scenes that could be seen as offensive (daddy kink, bareback sex, adultery, major age gap). No romantic elements are included, this is pure Erotica. All short stories can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers. Please be aware of the content before you pick this up. Thank you.