Normally, I didn’t go straight from the office to the club. But normally, I didn’t jerk off in the office bathroom either. My control was usually better than this. I handed over my club ID, made of thin black metal and the size of a credit card, looking the guy at the counter straight in the eye. He looked away and buzzed me in. I was high on testosterone, fingers twitching and cock semi-hard the entire ride there. Revved up and ready to go. No one was going to get in my way.

Fuck. I was goddamn horny.


Well, I hadn’t gotten laid in what...three months? Could have been that. I was going out of my mind from the lack of release. From the lack of my cock buried somewhere very warm and deep.

I moved aside the heavy, dark cloth that covered the entrance of the club and slid past two guards whose hands were folded in front of their cocks...crotches, whatever. I was already thinking with my dick. It had been way too long. And then my asshole friend Tony had called me up, all excited about getting kinky with his new boyfriend. Bragging like a fucking jackass.

Fuck that.

I didn’t need a boyfriend and the baggage that came with it. All I needed was sex. Pure, primal satisfaction. Just a body to grab and grind to heaven. I ran one hand across my face as I approached the bar, my eyes constantly scanning. It was the best gay kink club in NYC, and I enjoyed being able to come here whenever I felt like it. What I didn’t enjoy was the horrendous fucking monthly membership fee I paid. Like a gym membership. But worse. At least I knew the discretion was going to be the highest.

“Martini,” I told the bartender. “Dry.”

He gave an acknowledging nod as I settled at the bar, forearms leaning on the counter. I spun around to resist the urge to palm my aching dick. Sure, I’d jerked off at the office, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t buzzing from the inside out. I could barely think. My God. I was such an idiot. I should have taken that client up on her offer last week. I could have gotten my dick sucked, but then again, I don’t think she would have signed with our company to sell her overpriced apartment. Why? ‘Cause I wouldn’t have fucked her. That’s why. I wasn’t playing for her team after all.

I let out an exasperated breath, my mind skipping back to Tony’s words. “I can’t even...he’s so cute, and then the next second, he is fucking feisty and all over me. Climbing me like a fucking tree, man.”


He’d gotten me all revved up with his descriptions of his eager, slutty boyfriend. Unplugged the pent-up arousal I had successfully channeled into overtime at work.

The bartender set the drink beside me, and I emptied it in one swig. “Another,” I said and raked my gaze across the men in front of me.

There were plenty. And let me tell you, this shit was kinky as fuck. Even more interesting, they couldn’t see me. Not from here anyway. The bar was set in a long hallway with a couple of doors on the opposite side. All of the rooms were mirrored. Meaning, I could look inside, but they didn’t know who was watching. All of the doors had little tags on them, pretty much like a sock on the door, if you will. A red tag meant the men inside the room were happy to play alone, content to be watched and nothing more. A green tag meant someone else, for instance, me, could join. To play, to participate, or just to listen to them fuck.

I loved this place so much. It was like Christmas. But not quite. Here you could pick your own present. I needed something rough to slap some sense into me. I eased my tie as the bartender set down my second drink, sliding it towards me. I looked at him, gave him a half-hearted smile and then grabbed the drink. Sliding my hand across the wood, I strode along the long bar. It wasn’t really crowded tonight. It was a Wednesday after all. People pretended to be respectable on Wednesdays. On the weekends, everyone went nuts and this place overflowed with willing fucks ready to get kinky.

I took a sip of my drink, watching a beefy guy slide a paddle across another man’s shoulder. He was circling him in one of the rooms. This wasn’t like porn where everyone was chiseled and fucking hung. These guys were normal. Like me. Just ordinary-looking men from their twenties into their late fifties or even sixties. If you had the money, no one really cared who you were or how old you were. Me? I was thirty-three. And I would turn thirty-three next year and the year after.

As for what I looked like...well, I hadn’t shaved in four days, and my dark hair was probably a bit unruly today. I had run my hands through it at least a hundred times. Perhaps it was a bit spiky, but who fucking cared? I was still more than decent looking when it came down to it. I balled my fist on the counter, stilling before a room with a red tag. Two guys were going at each other like rabbits, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting. So rough I thought one of them was crying. But when I stepped closer to the one-way glass, I could see it was sweat running down his cheeks, and he looked fucking blissed out. What I wouldn’t give to join.


I palmed my dick shamelessly and gave it a squeeze, continuing my stroll down the long hallway. My senses were so fogged with arousal I felt like I was in a dream. Swimming through a haze. The rooms were soundproof so the guests at the bar could talk and not be bothered—read distracted—by the noise inside. But there were a couple of guys here, and when I passed them, I didn’t spare them another glance.

I wasn’t dressed up like the others. No leather outfit, no jockstrap, just my black suit, a black tie, and a white dress shirt. Usual, everyday outfit. Boring, really. I let the liquor burn down my throat, glass still pressed between my lips when I suddenly paused and stared.

I thought I had seen it all. Seen fucking everything when it came to kink. A regular filthy connoisseur. I was clearly very wrong.

Porn and this sinful club had kicked my ass down a fucking rabbit hole, and I’d almost been desensitized to it. But this, oh holy shit, this made me blink. Once, twice. A young man with curly black hair knelt in front of a man in a suit similar to mine. The setup wasn’t unusual, pretty twink and his daddy/master/sir/whatever, except the younger guy wore kitten ears and a buttplug with a dark bushy tail.

Swallowing hard, I lowered my glass until it barely hung on between my fingertips, dangling by my side. Mesmerized, I watched the pair. The guy on the floor was...a kitten. I had heard about it but never seen it in person. If people here were into that sort of thing, it was always puppies.

The younger man’s lips moved, nose twitching just a notch. The man stroked the kitten’s cheek and then popped two of his fingers into his mouth. He made him suck on them, nice and slow. I wanted to hear them.

Goddamn. I wanted to hear the sounds they made more than anything at this moment.

My dick throbbed against my underwear, straining and stretching the material. By now, my hard-on surely was evident in my dress pants. I searched for the tag on the door, near frantic, and there it was. Green. Thank fuck.

Without hesitation, I put down my glass on the bar and walked up to the door. With every step, my underwear strangled my erection. My hand pushed down the door handle, and I stepped inside.

The man looked up at me, and for a moment I was terrified—fucking terrified—he’d ask me to go. But instead, he smiled. I motioned to the chair in the corner of the room and shut the door as quietly as I could, making it clear I wasn’t here to interrupt. I was an observer today and only that. The kitten didn’t take his eyes off his Master, not even glancing towards me. Did kittens have Masters? I’d have to look that up.

Slowly, I settled down in the chair, thighs apart, the zipper of my pants ready to slide downward. I held my breath in anticipation, leaning forward slightly.

“You’re such a good kitten,” the man said, undoing his pants like I wanted to. But right now, I was too occupied swallowing up whatever kink they had going in here.

The kitten meowed his pleasure, and my eyes bulged. Oh, shit. Yes! This was perfect.

My entire body jerked, muscles contracting. The man had unzipped and slid his underwear over his engorged cock but stayed dressed. He pumped his member a couple of times, his kitten’s eyes fixed on the bobbing tip. About seven inches long, not particularly thick. Not unimpressive. His power wasn’t in his cock though. He had that aura, that Master vibe that was so enticing even I could hardly take my eyes off him.

Meanwhile, I had also unzipped my pants. They were too damn tight, and if I didn’t know better, I could have sworn the zipper was imprinted on the side of my dick. I sat up, fingers slipping into my underwear to start pumping at a slow pace.

I was fucking trembling. My gaze slid up the backside of the kitten and then got stuck right there. My attention shifted completely, away from the seemingly powerful man to the boy at his feet. Those ears matched his hair so perfectly. Little triangles of fuzzy fabric. God, that tail… that buttplug between those stark pale ass cheeks, stretching him. Then he fucking wiggled his bottom, meowing again as he licked his Master’s cockhead. I shuddered visibly, my cock as hard as steel and scorchingly hot against my palm. Good God. I swear I felt a gush of precum splatter into my underwear. Yup, there it was, slick against my fingertips.

Those little licks of the kitten’s tongue, the way he moved in tiny little waves, arching his back, it shoved me right to the brink of my orgasm. He played the part so perfectly. Embraced it. Those small hands nudged at the man’s thighs, big eyes flicking up at him. He was still not sucking the presented cock but trailing his tongue along it.

“Oh, you’re doing so well, kitten,” the man praised him with a stroke through his hair. The kitten purred. Fucking. Purred. By now, I was a gasping mess, trying not to come but painfully aware that it wouldn’t take much for it to happen. It was like finding porn for the first time as a teenager. Learning all those little things that turned me on.

My vision blurred when the kitten flopped onto his back and lifted his knees and arms, writhing as though he wanted to be scratched. His cock, stiff and glistening at the tip, rested on the side of his hip.

I was jacking my cock as best I could in the confines of my briefs, my knuckles hitting the fabric and surely going raw. I bet my face was as red as a beet. I felt like my skin was burning off and my insides hosted a volcano. Water. Air. Snow? Perhaps that would help because my clothes were too hot too. The only thing I could get rid of fast was my tie. So I ripped it off and clasped my fingers to the armrest of my chair.

Gulps of air.

Keep breathing. Don’t pass out!

Through my fuzzy vision, I watched the man rub the kitten’s belly affectionately, fingertips just brushing the tip of his pretty cock before he knelt down. Oh God, what now? My biceps ached from whipping my hand up and down, but I couldn’t stop it. I twisted my fist around the head, stretching my briefs impossibly, just when the man caressed the kitten’s tail and pulled it out.

My lips parted in a silent cry. He was gonna fuck him. Fuck his kitten. My world spun, my eyelids thudding closed as I gripped the chair so hard it goddamn hurt.

Meow. Prrrr.

My stomach twitched, and heat ripped from my core and surged through my bloodstream. The volcano had erupted. And the lava kept spurting out, right into my briefs, over my fingers. I was past the point of caring. There was another meow and then a yelp. My eyes shot open. On the floor, right before me, the Master fucked his pet. Slow but hard, bottoming out with each thrust. His hands were on the kitten’s hips, dragging him back into each thrust. Glutes clenched, the flushed cock of the kitten flexing each time the Master delved into him. The kitten’s head was tossed back, cheeks pink and throat exposed. Meow!

I panted for air, trying to get a grasp on my tilting vision. But it didn’t work because my mind went elsewhere.

Let it be me. I’ll fuck you real nice.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I had to get a kitten.


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