Sem & Nate


What if someday you wake up and the one person you can’t have is the one you want the most?

My name is Nathaniel Preston. Second son of the Preston estate. 

I've been raised to be perfect, to be ahead of every game, to do no wrong. Sem, my crass and vain older half-brother, is the complete opposite of me. All he seeks is his next high. To get there, he cheats, blackmails, and seduces. 

Which wouldn't be a problem, if one day he didn't decide to tape me in a very compromising position...

***RICH KIDS is a forbidden love romance, featuring dubious consent, brocest, enemies to lovers as well as detailed adult m/m content


Full of steam and anger and grit, this was a quick, spicy short that packed a punch
— Kirstin, Amazon reviewer
What a great read. Naughty and slightly taboo and 100% hot.
— Sonia, Amazon Reviewer