Take it all

Steamy Encounters Collection


Three steamy encounters of twisted, forbidden lust...

What do lust-driven men do when they think no one is watching? Find out now. Be a fly on the wall in a seedy motel room, a gym shower and the heart of suburbia, where three torrid pairings nurture the beasts inside of them.

Carter&Dave - The one with Daddy
Gordon&Jett - The one with the Politician
Josh&Graham - The one with the Jock

They can hardly handle it, can you?


If you’ve never read anything by Quin Perin before and want a taste, “Take it All” is a fabulous place to start.
— Karen Edwards
Oh my! I’m not usually a fan of smut these days, and then Quin and Perin came into my life and I’m obsessed!
— Lelyana
Holy Shit!!!! This book is pure filthy smut and I absolutely devoured every single word.
— Sallyann
Definitely a recommended read if you are looking for something to get your heart pumping.
— Natosha Wilson
Perin calls this collection “Pure Gay Erotica,” but they might be selling themselves short because there is a lot more than meaningless humping here.
— Sara Dobie Bauer