Juste & Chase


I knew all the regulars. I knew their drinks. Their complaints. I knew everything that went on in this little town. But they didn't know me.

And I didn't know him.

Momma always told me to be kind to others, so I didn't even think twice when I invited him into my house, into my life, my heart.

I was happy being alone, until I wasn't.

Little did I know that once you get a taste of happiness, nothing will ever taste the same. Especially when it is taken away.

***WANDERLUST is a slow burn M/M romance, featuring hurt/comfort and friends-to-lovers elements


If you enjoy a good hurt/comfort with a touch of second-chance, look no further. This one’s for you.
— Karen, Amazon reviewer
This was one of the least steamy ones I’ve read by these guys but that didn’t matter a bit. This was more love story and I loved it from start to finish.
— Lisa, Amazon Reviewer